9 Top tips for getting your Amazon Product Detail Page Retail Ready

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Here are a few tips from our experts at TheCommercePeople to ensure your Product Pages are Retail Ready.

What is Retail Readiness?

Simply put, it’s all about ensuring your product page displays every piece of content ( text or media ) in the most attractive way to attract potential buyers!

Your checklist should include:

  1. 1. Your Product Title:
    1. 1. When customers look at your product page, they see the title first. This is the most essential piece of basic content.
    2. 2. Include your brand, item name and descriptors.
    3. 3. Keep to between 150 and 200 characters.
  2. 2. Your Product Bullet Points:
    1. 1. Bullet points must be easy to read and an abbreviated format of your product’s benefits. Make sure you use SEO-friendly keywords.
    2. 2. Amazon allows using 5 bullet points for a product listing. Your products’ best feature goes first, whereas the less crucial ones come afterwards.
    3. 3. Include every product detail here. For example, dimensions, colour, shape, size, quantity, etc.
  3. 3. Your Product Images:
    1. 1. Make sure your product images are of high quality. We always recommend using a professional photographer. Remember, 67% of online shoppers say that product images are “very crucial” for choosing and buying a product.
    2. 2. The main Image must fill 85% of the space and be on a pure white background with clear resolution; dimensions should be 2000px x 2000px.
    3. 3. Upload 6 images on your listing, each shot at a different angle ( 2000px x 200px )
    4. 4. Incorporate visually appealing lifestyle images, videos or infographics explaining your product benefits.
    5. 5. A minimum 3.5-star rating and 15 reviews to encourage customer trust.
    6. 6. Ensure you have ample stock (the algorithm will not prioritise a listing with 5 units in stock).
    7. 7. Delivery time. Decide early on how you will fulfil your orders. If you choose to do this yourself (FBM), ensure you have quick delivery times to stay competitive.
    8. 8. Pricing: to win the Buy Box, your price needs to be competitive; do not overprice your products.
    9. 9. Add additional persuasive information like a Brand Story and Enhanced Brand Content. This will allow you to showcase your brand and cross-sell your products.

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