Boost visibility, reach more shoppers and increase your sales with Amazon sponsored products.

How Sponsored Products boost visibility?

Sponsored Products generates ads from your product listings. These ads appear in related shopping results and product pages, helping customers find your products quickly. The ads look just like organic product results and appear alongside them – but the word “Sponsored” appears alongside them. This means you are reaching shoppers currently looking for products like yours. The added benefit is that they are PPC / Pay per click which means you only pay for the clicks your ads receive. Sponsored product ads are extremely valuable and will help your business earn conversions and grow. Sponsored Product Essentials: 1.You need an Amazon buy box. For sponsored product ads, you must have an Amazon buy box; this is an essential Amazon requirement and ensures people can purchase your product quickly. To qualify for a buy box, you must have a history of good reviews and competitive pricing – while successfully keeping products in stock and handling timely, among other factors. 2.In-depth keyword research: When people search the keywords you select, it triggers your ad. Selecting the most relevant keywords will ensure you are reaching the shoppers that are most likely to convert.

How to do in-depth Keyword and traffic volume research: A search term report will help you understand how shoppers discover your products. You will need a mix of match types—broad, phrase, and exact keywords that are high ranking and most relevant to your brand. Including negative keywords will prevent you from targeting irrelevant searches. While many free and paid tools are available to assist, our search module functionality allows you to analyze Amazon search trends and highlight changes in shopper interests. With Amazon search tracker, we track demand for related products and specific terms that shoppers use so that we can optimize content and paid media campaigns. This provides a significant competitive advantage in driving sales for our clients. This functionality provides a great source of information to improve SEO by optimizing your Product Detail Page content by selecting highly relevant keywords that help deliver strong ACOS and ROAS results. We can also track brand purchase intent, trending products and historical trend data to apply to upcoming product development and marketing investments.

How do you effectively use Sponsored Product Ads to drive Sales? 1.         Promote all products. If you are starting out with advertising to boost sales, we recommend you spread your budget across all products as you don’t want to assume which product will perform well and potentially miss out on opportunities. Once you run your ads for a couple months, you can streamline your focus. 2.         Select automatic targeting. Similarly, don’t assume you will cover the full range of your target audience with the keywords that match. Instead, using automatic targeting will allow Amazon to do the work of selecting the keywords that best match your products to the most relevant shoppers. Bid once and let the algorithm work its magic. 3.         Review performance regularly. Keep an eye on performance and ensure you adjust where needed – depending on the results and objective. However, like most digital ad platforms, you must give your campaigns 7-14 days of run time before making any significant changes. Therefore, we recommend you avoid over-optimizing by making substantial changes daily without allowing for enough runtime to gather usable insights. Not sure how to implement these tips, let alone run and manage your eCommerce ads? Contact us, and we will empower your business with our award-winning eCommerce reporting software, Ignite, alongside a team of eCommerce specialists. The Commerce People offers brands and businesses leading SaaS and managed service solutions designed to accelerate revenue growth in online retail marketplaces.