What is Amazon DSP?

Sponsored Display ads and DSP ads allow for ad placements on different platforms outside the Amazon marketplace - including third-party exchanges, publisher partners, Fire TV, Kindle, Amazon Live, streaming services, and other apps, HOWEVER….

Sponsored Display ads are only available to brands driving sales through Amazon- meaning that while ads may appear outside the marketplace, all traffic will lead to your Amazon listings. These ads use the Pay Per Click (PPC) structure that is calculated based on the average cost you pay each time anyone clicks on your ad to arrive at your listing.

Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that can be used by brands that do not necessarily sell directly on Amazon.

DSP advertisers buy display, video, and audio ads on a Cost Per 1000 (mille) Impressions (CPM) structure, targeting audiences on Amazon and third-party platforms. They can send traffic to a product listing on Amazon or their own website. This makes DSP the best way for brands that do not sell on Amazon to benefit from Amazon’s audience data.

Through the DSP, advertisers have access to audience insights and campaign performance data, providing essential information about purchasing behaviour with an overview of customers’ actions before, during, and after the campaign in the report.

On the DSP, you can fully customise your creatives. This includes the headline, brand logo, and custom-designed image. This capability helps increase buyers’ attention to your ads and improves your CTR.

Sponsored display doesn’t allow any customisation – creative is automatically optimised using your Amazon product information, which is a lower maintenance option and beneficial for brands that do not have the resources or time to customise ad their creatives.

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